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Zoo to You!

The wonderful folks from Wildlife Wonders brought their "Zoo to You" program to HCES. They taught us about animals from all corners of the globe. A kangaroo, an African Serval cat, a parrot, an alligator, and the 14 foot-long albino python seen here were all included in the show.

Bright Ideas

Congratulations to hese teachers who submitted applications to the Amicolola EMC "Bright Ideas" grant program and received money to use in their classrooms. Thank you to AEMC for your support of local education!

Turning back to the 1950's

These students and many others dressed up to celebrate the 1950's here at HCES. Poodle skirts and leather jackets were everywhere!

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  • Book Fair 3/3-3/7
  • Muffins for Moms 3/7
  • Math Bowl 3/8
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Welcome to Hill City Elementary School...Home of the HAWKS!


Pickens County Schools Vision Statement: Graduation and life preparation for all.


Mission Statement:
We will educate our students in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and fiscally responsible environment that holds the highest expectations.


We believe:

- Each student will have the opportunity to learn, to be successful, and to become a good citizen.
- All students can learn; however, some learn by different methods and at different speeds.
- Teaching and learning best takes place in a safe and nurturing environment. 
- The education of each student must be an effort that involves the support and participation of the school, parents, and community. 
- Schools are accountable for student achievement and should strive for continued improvement. 
- Quality education requires fiscally responsible expenditures for quality staff, programs, facilities, equipment, and technology.
- Recruiting, employing, and nurturing dedicated, well-qualified, and highly professional employees is important to a successful education program. 
- All staff should have access to standards-based, collaborative staff development to improve professional skills.
- All policy, administrative, instructional, and educational support decisions should be based on student needs.
- Extracurricular activities are important in the overall development of students, and these experiences contribute to academic success.


What being a HAWK means to me:

Hard At Work KidS! - Brooke

    Treating everyone the same. - Cassidy

    To care for others. - Jessi

    Being responsible and having pride in yourself. - Austin

    To be respectful to others and getting respect in return. - Corey

    To work hard every day and get good grades. - Lilly

    To care about my friends and teachers. - Kyle

    We follow the rules and are nice to each other. - Lexi

    We help each other out. - Caylor

    We are honest. - Eli

    We do really fun things. - Lily

    If someone falls down, we help them up. - Coleman

    Believing in yourself. - Matthew

    Being a member of the Hill City Family. - Brett

    Walking through the front door and knowing it will be a good day. - Amber


    HCES is a Title I Distinguished School


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