Teacher of the Year!

Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year for 2024-2025: Mrs. Amy Filatreau! You are an amazing teacher. Thank you for all that you do daily.

School Advisory Council

School Advisory Council

Hill City Elementary's School Advisory Council members are parents, community members, and administrators that meet several times throughout the year to focus on increasing parent and family engagement to ensure student success.

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Have You Visited Our Little Free Library?

Have You Visited Our Little Free Library?

Hill City Elementary has a Little Free Library at the front curb of our school's parking lot. It is stocked with books just waiting to be read! The Little Free Library is a "book-sharing box." Feel free to borrow, read, and return books often.

Our School Mission

We will educate our students in a safe, nurturing, respectful, and fiscally responsible environment that holds the highest expectation.


The HAWKS Vision



Within a


Safe environment

Our Beliefs

  • Each student will have the opportunity to learn, to be successful, and to become a good citizen.
  • All students can learn; however, some learn by different methods and at different speeds.
  • Teaching and learning best take place in a safe and nurturing environment. 
  • The education of each student must be an effort that involves the support and participation of the school, parents, and community. 
  • Schools are accountable for student achievement and should strive for continuous improvement. 
  • Quality education requires fiscally responsible expenditures for quality staff, programs, facilities, equipment, and technology.
  • Recruiting, employing, and nurturing dedicated, well-qualified, and highly professional employees are important to a successful education program.
  • All staff should have access to standards-based, collaborative staff development to improve professional skills.
  • All policy, administrative, instructional, and educational support decisions should be based on student needs.
  • Extracurricular activities are important in the overall development of students, and these experiences contribute to academic success.